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Who we are......

Jen Williams, owner and art teacher


Jen is North Carolina State Certified in K-12 Art Education.  She graduated from the University of Florida where she received her BA in K-12 Art Education. She taught in Gainesville, FL for two years before moving to Colorado with her husband Ed.  Jen and Ed lived in Colorado Springs for nine years.  During that time they were blessed with two beautiful daughters,Lily and Annie, and had a life rich with great friends, weather and activity! She taught for eight years in the public school system before they decided it was time to move to North Carolina to be closer to family. During their first year here, Jen had the privilege of working at Charlotte Christian School as the Lower School art teacher.  As the puzzle pieces began coming together, it became more and more clear that it was time to pursue the dream of opening The Bean and Belle Children's Art Studio.  

Ed Williams, art teacher (oh, I mean, magician and bee keeper)


Ed is North Carolina State Certified in K-12 Art Education and History. He taught Middle School History for 13 years, most recently at Cuthbertson MS, before making the switch to become the student director at Ridge Church for 8 years. He recently became the Director of Programing at FOR Students, a non profit that better prepares high school seniors in the areas of mental health and social emotional learning.  Ed is the husband and unconditional support system that keeps Jen going.  He is also the instructor for our Middle/High school and adult art classes.


He boast the "employee of the year award" 10 years running (until his daughters took the title while working summer camps!), and thanks his amazing boss for all the perks of  his job!

What's your inspiration?


My family... my husband and my two daughters, Lily "Bean" and Annie "Belle".  Without these three amazing supporters this dream would not be a reality.

I knew I had to open The Bean and Belle when I came home one afternoon and found my oldest daughter selling toys in the front yard to "raise money for mommy's studio".  I want my girls to know they can do anything they set their minds to!

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